Poverty In Israel

Share Your Good Fortune, To Help Your Brothers And Sisters Weather Their Poor Fortune

In these trying times, it's as important as ever to support our fellow man through the hardship that befalls them. For everyone goes through hardship, and you either needed help to get out or you will need it when the time comes.

Supporting Israel

Poverty In Israel – War is ever-present on Israel's borders, and it's necessary that we all support each other diplomatically, military, but also in humanitarian terms. A dollar is a dollar anywhere in the world, and when you donate to charity you make a real difference; it can provide a simple meal to a person who, without having experienced hunger, you cannot understand the physical and mental importance of.
Providing Nutritious Meals For The Poor

Hunger and poor nutrition take a toll on the body and the mind, and it's extremely difficult to rise above adversity when these matters are compromised. Providing for this basic need, via soup kitchens, social programs, and subsidized or free meals for students is a valuable social good, far outweighing its cost upon the one making the donation.

Providing For Survivors of the Holocaust

Additionally, many Holocaust survivors are among those struggling. Thousands in their old age, without family to support them struggle to survive on the meagre pensions and those payments still made to survivors. They're forced to subsist in horrible, undignified circumstances that no one should have to spend their final days in, particularly those who often began their lives in such suffering at the hands of Nazi regime. They're a living connection to a past that many in our current era would try to erase, and all decent people owe them a debt for their bravery and their will to survive in the face of one of the great horrors of history.


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