Phytopathology Tests

Phytopathology Tests results in Healthier Plants

Phytopathology testing is performed by specialized labs to improve the health of plants that are weak or diseased because of environmental factors or parasitic organisms. These tests are beneficial to those involved in growing plants. Effective plant disease diagnosis through phytopathology tests prevent crop loss and consequently loss of food.

How is Phytopathology Testing Performed
Phytopathology testing is performed by certified laboratories. Diseased plants, vegetables or, fruit samples are sent to these labs for disease diagnosis. These laboratories have advanced diagnostic equipment and test plants for diseases caused by organisms including nematodes, fungi, viruses and virus-like bacteria, insects and, phytoplasmas. Plants, vegetables or, fruits are quarantined and tested in compliance with accepted protocols. Phytopathology tests performed in these labs include bacteriology tests, micology tests, nematology tests and, virology tests. Once the laboratory identifies the disease or condition affecting the plant, vegetable or, fruit, they suggest methods of prevention and management of plant diseases for a better harvest.

Benefits of Phytopathology Testing
Phytopathology testing services are provided for individuals who grow plants. The clients of these laboratories include plant and farm consultants, farmers, nursery producers, home gardeners, greenhouse producers, arborists and, landscape contractors. Test results identify the disease or condition affecting plants and help experts find solutions to improve the soil and plant growth and exterminate the disease-causing parasitic organism. Farmers rely on plant pathologists and phytopathology tests to make sure that they get healthy, high-quality and reliable crops. Plant pathology research continually develops environmentally-friendly disease control methods to improve the health of crops.

A wide range of methods and advanced technologies have currently improved the diagnosis reached by phytopathology testing. Farmers and botanists can improve the health of their plants based on the accurate diagnosis provided by plant phytology tests. Phytopathology tests have played an important role throughout history by preventing famine and improving the quality of food.

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