The Importance of Microbiology Labs with NGS

Microbiology is more important to our every day activities than you could possibly imagine. Microbiologist have a big job to do. They plan and conduct research projects; perform lab experiments; supervise the work of other technicians; isolate and maintain cultures of bacteria for testing; and monitor the environment and so much more, including the use of Next Generation Sequencing.

What is NGS?

The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), give us further insight into genomic research that could never been done before the 80s. This technology dives deep into DNA and makes it much easier to test

A few examples of what NGS makes it easier for microbiologist are:
-Rapidly sequence whole genomes, or deeply sequence target regions.

-Analyze genetic factors such as genome-wide DNA Methylation and DNA protein interactions

-Sequence cancer samples

-Study the human microbiome

What do microbiologist do for us?
Without microbiologists and the work that they do, we would be left in the dark when it comes to figuring out the human body and what can help us heal. We would not have the medical system we have today. In a world of sickness, you definitely want microbiologist working hard to figure out what makes us tick, and how to help us thrive. The NGS technology has taken tests that used to take a long time, and made them where they only took one day to complete.

Today, microbiologist across the globe are working hard around the globe using NGS tech to better understand the COVID-19 pandemic, how it spreads, how it mutates and how to destroy it. Not only covid-19, but there are many diseases that microbiologist are gaining insights to every day, due to Next Generation Sequencing technology.

Cancer is one of the biggest villains in the world. With Next Generation Sequencing, you can find out if you have the gene for breast cancer, because your mother was diagnosed, or you can find out if you have the Alzheimer's gene that ravaged your grandfathers mind. Laboratories that this technology gives people the opportunity to get ahead of their medical care for diseases, before they have any symptoms.

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