Cleaning and Disinfection

Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Microbiology is a frontier that revolutionized medicine and healthcare as a whole. A study of microorganisms reveals a whole locked-out world of super-small organisms that play various roles in our well-being or lack thereof. Studies undertaken towards the end of the 19th century revealed the existence of organisms dwelling in specific microenvironments within and out of the human body. After that, molecular biology was born as a faction studying the structure, composition, and interaction of molecules on a cellular level. It enables a study into the biological processes essential for maintaining normal cellular physiology.

Microbiology tests
Knowledge of microorganisms propels the need for routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, especially those likely to contact the microorganisms. Hospital or research institute laboratories have working areas prone to microorganisms from samples taken from patients or test subjects. Microbiology tests require specimen obtainment, and without proper cleaning and disinfection of working spaces, the microorganisms can be quickly spread. Molecular biology services are equally as sensitive as they also delve into studying at the cellular level. Working areas with procedures entailing molecular biology should be super clean to the naked eye and more, microscopically. The cleanliness gets achieved through consistency in proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

The current state of cleaning and disinfection
Presently, the need for proper cleaning and disinfection is evident by the ‘mysterious’ spread of Covid19. The CDC and other stakeholders of the healthcare fraternity advise that one needs to properly clean and disinfect their hands and surrounding to ensure lower chances of infection. The two years the Covid19 pandemic has lasted have proven the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection as a mitigation measure towards preventing disease. We must ensure strict adherence to guidelines set by stakeholders in the healthcare sector to avoid infection or possible re-infection by microorganisms.

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