Microbiology Home-Testing for Mycoplasma

The scientific study of microorganisms is known as microbiology. This screening covers different categories such as viral or bacterial infections and immunology. For this testing there are various different means to collect a specimen, such as using a swab, obtaining body fluid or body tissue.

Mycoplasma is a group of parasitic bacteria, that doesn't have cell walls. This characteristic makes them naturally resistant to antibiotics. These tiny bacteria can manifest various different diseases. Mild infections are caused by mycoplasma pneumoniae bacteria, a chest cold is the most common illness that involves the respiratory system. In more severe cases, this is often referred to as "walking pneumonia".

Also, mycoplasma can be a sexually transmitted bacterium that's found in a person's genital & urinary tract. And most people who have mycoplasma don't even realize there's anything wrong. The reason for this, mycoplasma often doesn't display any symptoms. Mycoplasma is one of the most common STDs that's quite often overlooked.

At this time, microbiology home testing kits are available to provide patients with the convenience and privacy of home screening. From the comfort of one's own home, these are the same tests that are being used by hospitals and physicians all across the country.

At home-testing is a discreet method to safely diagnose mycoplasma, without experiencing any undo embarrassment. From the samples that are sent in, the lab can easily detect any mycoplasma bacteria.

And these home-tests also include the follow-up medication that's necessary to combat this illness, at no additional cost. The test results are obtained by professional lab technicians and the confidential results are sent out within 2-5 days. Also, these are the same labs that doctors and hospitals are using.

Regular testing is advised, for anyone who is sexually active.

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